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Robotic Fish 

The easiest, most effective & least expensive way to access visual & environmental data from waterways!

Our Team

We are a group of international mad hatters who work and play hard. We are dedicated to doing our part to protect the planet, our children and future generation. We are relentless!

We help keep humanity alive by protecting waterways.

No clean water, No life.

We merge risk management and biomimicry for affordable data to all. 



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Fishlike Platform

Equipped with cameras & plug-n-play sensors for superior data acquisition. Unobtrusive, designed with Mother Nature in mind to immerse with natural habitat.  Precise, Reliable, Affordable

Optimized Data 

Aquaai Control System web dashboard for real-time data readings and quality video. Precision for smarter decisions.  Mission mapped. AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

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"Can a Robotic Fish Saves the Seas?"

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Energy Efficient & Unobtrusive Environmental Monitoring!
Sustainable Underwater Farms
Coastal Resilience
Marine Protected Areas, Ports & More.

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