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What's in your water?

Easy & affordable access to reliable visual & environmental data from waterways!

Who are we

We are a group of international mad hatters who work and play hard. We are dedicated to doing our part to protect the planet, our children and future generations. We are relentless!

We help keep humanity alive by protecting waterways.

No clean water, No life.

We merge risk management and biomimicry for affordable data to all. 



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Fishlike Platform

Equipped with cameras & plug-n-play sensors for superior data acquisition. Bio-inspired design with nature in mind for unobtrusive immersion with natural habitat. 3D printed, Recyclable


Aquaai Control System dashboard for easy web access to data readings and quality images. Mission mapped, AI, Computer Vision, Advanced Perception

UAE's HUB71/Techstars 2024, NEOM Food 2022, World’s Top 50 Innovation Codex 2022, Top Tier Impact Awards 2022 (finalist), GreenBiz, Atlantic Council, Verizon Climate Resilience Prize 2022 (finalist), OceanPitch Fest 2021 (finalist), Hardware Cup CleanTech 2021 (finalist), Innovation Norway grantee 2020, TEKFISH (2020 trip winner) - Australian Fisheries Research and Development Corp (FRDC), European Commission's Seal of Excellence for Impact, Quality and Efficiency 2020,
CDL Graduate 2020, Winner Top Aquaculture Innovation Award Fish 2.0 Stanford Global Forum 2019

How it works
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"Can a Robotic Fish Saves the Seas?"

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Water Management & Biodiversity Tool
Smart City, Sustainable Underwater Farms, Flooding, Pollution, Canals, Corals, Mangroves, Ports, Harbors

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