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Robotic Fish 

The easiest, most effective & least expensive way to access visual & environmental data from waterways!

Our Team

We are ocean loving people with expertise in oceanography, underwater drones, robotics, animatronics, cloud, big data, software architecture, PR / marketing and the Extreme.

Help keep humanity alive through sustainable practices combining risk management and biomimicry. Soft, fishlike AUVs provide affordable data in a climate changing world. 




Fishlike Platform

Equipped with 4K cameras & plug-n-play sensors for superior data acquisition. Unobtrusive, designed with Mother Nature in mind to immerse with natural habitat.  Precise, Reliable, Affordable

Optimized Data 

Aquaai Control System web dashboard for real-time data readings and quality video. Precision for smarter decisions.  Mission mapped. AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

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"Can a Robotic Fish Saves the Seas?"

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Energy Efficient & Unobtrusive Environmental Monitoring
in sustainable underwater farms, marine protected areas, ports & more.
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