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Meet The Team

Simeon Pieterkosky


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Visionary; Inventor with 20 years practical experience in robotics, animatronics, HRI, biomimicry, zoology & product  design; Water filtration & climate change expert; Wi-Fi LEDs record holder, laser builder; Cape Town College;

Son of a farmer

Liane Thompson


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3x global entrepreneur; Small & large team, quick growth & P&L skilled; PR/branding savvy; Int'l reporter & staff executive for The New York Times; MA Journalism & Public Affairs American University; BA Int'l Relations & German CSUC / Johannes Gutenberg Universität 


Filipe Pinto
 Senior Robotics Engineer

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Autonomous robotics developer. Good problem solving skills and fond of a difficult challenge.  MSc. Electrical and Computer Engineering, specialization in Automation and Robotics at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Nature lover, born & raised in the Portuguese countryside


Mohammad Asif, MBA 
Financial Strategist

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Certified Management Accountant, & Mechanical Engineer; CFO, Financial Analysis and Business Modeling; 15+ years experience in building and promoting global startups


Matteo Borri

Lead Hardware Engineer

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Electrical & Computer Engineer, Developer. Autonomous Navigation Systems expert. NASA project incl. Mars Rover. 16 yrs building autonomous vehicles deployed on land, sea, air, underwater and space.

Mickie Senften French, MBA
Marketing & Sustainability Director

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22+ years driving global growth & shifting brands to purpose-driven positioning. B2C, B2B, digital, advertising and PR agency roles. Leading business transformations, driving cost agenda & building new markets. Multi-lingual, leading teams of 3 to 300 in 40 countries including living and working in 10 

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